Android Poker

The Android operating system which is the engine that powers many touch screen mobile phones and mobile devices has only been available since 2008, however it has totally revolutionized the mobile phone market place with the number of Android mobile devices that have been produced and sold in recent years being massive and the number of them in use continues to grow daily.

Where this is demand there is always going to be supply, and it didn’t take very long for many of the online poker software design companies to quickly turn their attention to these products and as such you are going to find many online poker sites now offer their own fully compatible mobile poker sites which will let you play real money poker on any Android device.

In this section of our website we will help answer any questions you may have in regards to playing poker on an Android device, via our guide below. Whilst a lot of people using such devices may be somewhat wary of just how reliable they are in terms of playing poker on them, once you actually see them in operation you cannot fail to be impressed by these mobile Android poker compatible sites.

Android Poker App

The software which you will need to download onto your Android device is commonly known as an App, and there are a couple of ways you can get this installed and loaded onto your mobile device, many people will opt to visit the App Store to get the application, however it is best to get the App directly from your chosen poker site, as this way you can be 100% confident that the App is the genuine one!

You can do this by using the internet browser on your Android device and simply follow the links to instantly download the App onto your Android device, this will take a couple of moments and then you simply need to register as a new player. Once done you can then log in and play just as you would on a computer.

Frequently asked Android Poker Questions

Can I claim a welcome bonus – The short answer to this is yes! All Android poker sites want you as a new customer and as such you are often going to find not only new player welcome bonuses on offer if you have never played at that poker site before, but also additional ones can be claimed for trying the poker App even if you already hold an account with certain online poker sites!

Are poker tournaments available – You will be accessing the very same poker sites no matter whether you are logging in via a computer or via a poker App, and as such you will get the same poker tournaments available on either poker playing platform.

How stable is an Android Poker App – This is a commonly asked question, the majority of poker Android poker Apps are 100% stable and reliable, you will also get the same protection in regards to disconnections as you would when playing via a computer, and as such should you be on a train for example and go into a tunnel when playing poker on a mobile phone then should you lose the signal and the connection drop the disconnect rules will kick in on your current live poker hand.

Is the connection secure on a mobile poker site – Once again you are going to be given the same level of protection when using a mobile poker site as you would when playing via an online poker sites platform, this means your financial transactions are made using a secure and encrypted connection and as such you will can be 100% confident of getting the very highest levels of security when playing poker on any Android mobile device.

How do I make a deposit – Much like when you log into the cashiers interface by using an online poker site the way in which you deposit using an Android Poker App is quick and simple. You will be able to navigate around the site quickly and easily by tapping the screen on the relevant icons and buttons, and you will find just as many deposit and withdrawal options on an Android poker site as you would when playing on a computer.

Do I have to compromise on the playing experience – One question that pops up time and time again is in regards to the quality of graphics and the playing experience you will get on an Android mobile poker site. It is obviously true that you will be playing on a smaller screen when playing with your mobile phone than you would when playing on a laptop or computer.

However a lot of time and effort has been spent ensuring that the graphics found on an Android poker App are perfect and crystal clear, and as such you will not have to make any compromise on the quality of the end product, which is easy to use, view and more importantly navigate.

Are there player restrictions in place – A lot of established online poker software companies are releasing their own Android poker Apps and Android mobile poker sites, and as such the exact same player restrictions will be in place depending on which software company is powering the poker site at which you are thinking of playing at.

You are therefore advised to double check the respective Android poker sites terms and conditions in regards to which players living in any particular country are permitted to play and which are not!

Player Protection and Gaming Licenses

You are strongly advised to stick to playing at both online and Android poker sites that have been granted and currently hold a valid gaming license from a recognized gambling jurisdiction.

As part of the licensing agreement each poker site, whether it be an Android one or an online poker site is required to display information on their licensing jurisdiction. Make sure you check the site in question holds such a license as this way you will safe in the knowledge that the poker site is providing fair and random games, and adheres to a robust code of ethics and fair play.